You spent thousands on your teacher training and workshops.  Now it's time to invest in your own school.

It's Often Not The Person That Fails, It's The Method. 

Our system includes:

  • Mater Teacher Training Manual

  • Student Manuals

  • Specific modules tailored to you

  • Time frames broken down hourly

  • School formatted content

  • School  formatted postures

  • School business plan 

  • Ways of attracting students to your school

  • Yoga Alliance approved curriculum 

  • Team support / coaching

  • A tribe of like minded others

  • How to decide what sets your school apart

I was running around town teaching everywhere, spinning my wheels because

I knew I was supposed to be teaching yoga. 

The time crunch was killing me and I still wasn't making a living.


What I didn't know is

there is a better, more effective way for my students to deepen their practice with me

while keeping my our sense of groundedness for myself. 

You Don't Need A Studio, You Need A System

With our background in the industry we have a variety of ways to coach you into the perfect situation for you.  You don't need to pay for a building to own a school.  Our staff has the creative power to get you up and going now!  Most studios average $53,000 in start up costs the first year.  This is without paying yourself!  Our simple 3 step program will allow you the freedom you love without all the risk you don't.  

Teach To Travel, Explore and Inspire Others

Is it your dream to teach yoga and travel?  We have the perfect fit for you.  Hold your yoga teacher training abroad!  It's the best of both worlds.  Explore the world, travel to exotic places while being paid!  We have resources for you from around the world!  

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