Every great yoga teacher has a yoga school within them.  
to simplify the process of unifying your unique gifts and talents into a curriculum that becomes your yoga school.
~ Corena Hammer
Do You Want To Focus   On Months Of Paperwork Or Teaching Your Students?

You have EXACTLY what someone needs to transform their life.  As a yoga teacher, YOUR STUDENTS ARE ASKING FOR MORE OF YOU.  Without the care and guidance you can provide in a school setting, they may never have the direction and support they need.

You spent thousands on your teacher training and workshops learning how to teach.  Now it's time to own your own school and invest in the success  of your school.

Your YTT School should enhance your life, not interfere with it.  I KNOW WHAT YOU'RE GOING THROUGH.  I've been there.  I guarantee this process will be easier and more fulfilling than going it on your own.   


With a series of proven techniques I integrate YOUR knowledge into a successful, unique YTT school free of the headaches commonly experienced by teachers creating a yoga school.



My name is Corena Hammer and I’m the founder of YTTschool.com, Corena Hammer Online Yoga Training as well as The Infusion Yoga & Pilates Studio YTT.   I have worked for Duke University CEU, Nike Xcelerate, was the first Brand Ambassador to Athleta worldwide and currently head YTT programs, as well as teach workshops in the US and internationally.

I started my teacher training program because my students kept asking for more of ME, but starting a school was so intimidating.  I stared at my computer for hours attempting to write my own curriculum, spent months trying to register my school and still  wondered if I could ever do it.  Long story short, I did.  But I was almost completely  burned out by the time I started the first year of my YTT school.  That was 14 years ago.  

My mistakes are your blessings.  I will make the process far easier than I ever thought possible.  

I have traveled nationally and internationally to connect with teachers to help them create their trainings and share what they know and love.


Please contact me about getting your school registered and going now.

 corenahammer@gmail.com   Namaste.

Focus on the healing, I'll handle the headaches.  

Do you love teaching, transforming and connecting with students but hate the mind numbing paperwork?  I got you!

We offer resources for you so you can teach your school  RIGHT AWAY with everything you need to succeed.  


Why make the process the focus when we can do it for you?  Teachers often get burned out on the process of sitting in front of their computer trying to create a curriculum that makes sense, formatting the hours and not knowing where to begin.  Our method takes care of the tedious while you take care of the teaching.

Let us save you TIME.


Supporting you as you journey into your best life is the most rewarding thing that I do.  Let's do **it together!

School Curriculum

Provided For You

I create curriculum around your knowledge.  It's often not the person who fails or succeeds, it's the method.  


I promise to give the format that will help you and your school solve the confusion of where to begin, what to teach and how to organize your information into a successful YTT school.

Why reinvent the wheel?  Our manual relates to HOW TO TEACH A SCHOOL, NOT JUST A CLASS.


350 Page YTT Manual

Detailed Topics and  Posture Adjustments / Blocks / Straps

If you've ever taught a workshop you know how valuable it is to have notes to refer to.  The YTT School training manual gives you over 350 pages of topics such as anatomy, chakras, Ayurveda and asanas with detailed adjustments to teach your students.

Your manual contains easy, step by step details of how to assist, what's at risk, benefits and contraindications for each pose.


Have your own ideas? No worries! Use our manual as a backup guide through your unique curriculum. 

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